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Cover Bald Spot with custom made Hair units at Braids By Bee

Cover Bald Areas With A
LocBridge by

Braids by Bee

To Book an Initial consultation is easy, You can either book it online on site, or contact Bee via text or email.  Website allows you to fill out a web form to ask any questions.  If questions pertain to yoru dreadlocks you will be followed up with an invoice emailed to the email you provided when filling out form.  Once invoice is paid we can then follow up with your consultation if you want it done via text, email or etc.  Clients are sent a list of questions Bee will have as well as request for pictures of your hair status for recommendations and what Braids By Bee™ can offer you as a solution to what you are asking. In most cases you will have options to choose from.  Every situation is dfferent which is why we must do an Initial consultation to figure out what is needed and how we can go about accomplishing the look you are going for.  For Dreadlock Repairs varies as well depends on what types of services is needed for options to be offered a consult is the first step.  Get in touch with Braids By Bee™ today. 

Braids By Bee™ performs Hair Transformation known as Loc transplants repairing dreadlocks may consist of many techniques and procedures to accomplish a Hair make over. Braids By Bee reinforces dreadlocks, reattaches dreadlocks, relocate and reattach dreadlocks, reposition and reconstruct your dreadlocks to restore it to its best.  Braids By Bee services are trademark services performed at her salon located in Sunrise, Fl.  or when she is traveling.  

Bee creates a custom made bridge braiding into scalp and dreads are reattached to cover areas of balding as we treat that area.  My true intentions at Braids by Bee is to merely solve a solution for now while we grow back that area of get to the root cause the problem.  Bee will talk with each client individually to find out the root of the problem.  We will then discuss options to treat that area and as hair grows in we help it to look its best.  Bee main goal is to help those with issues of growth on Loc journeys.  Some clients have grown there hair for more than 10-20 years and start having thin roots and breakage they cannot explain in most cases. My own theory is that after years of growth your hair becomes heavy.  After years of growth your hair no longer grows in the same thickness it use to grow when you were younger.  So thought out the years if you wanna keep this look and avoid breakage  you have to start using preventive methods.  Bee invented technique was first discovered helping those in need that had Real Dreadlock Issues that needed a specialist to emphasis on different techniques that can be done to keep up the persons Look the try and uphold for all the years of there journey.    

Client flew in from New York for this hair transformation, and consultation was done via text/email prior to his arrival for this amazing Hair Transplant.  Client had originally sent pictures of his hair being over 35" long natural however his hair Line was going back and a bald area was apparent due to his weight of hair.  Clients with this amount of hair reinforcement maintenance is suggested instead of normal palm roll twist.  Client after my consult decided to go with one of my options that I suggested.  That option was to do a complete makeover, clean up locs, and cut about 12-15" off bottom length and relocate to his areas in need on top of balding areas. Fortunate for client he did not need a bridge due to him having new growth hair in these areas Bee was able to work with what was present.  Some clients don't have this option because some times balding area is shiny and has no presence of hair growth.  Then bee suggest a treatment plan and a Loc Bridge.  However back to my client in picture above.  Client was ready to have major Loc Surgery and have The Loc Doctor do her JOB.  Bee as said before cut his own Loss and in combination of Bee's methods of creating InstantLoc Dread Extensions, after areas were filled back in with her creating her own dreads at roots.  Clients own dreadlocks was then reattached to Bee's InstantLoc Dread Extensions and boom bam, your dreadlock was just relocated and will withhold with Bee's proven methods. After years of helping clients with natural dreadlocks Bee can recreate and give anyone a makeover.  Bee has not come across dreadlocks of any condition and was not able to enhance and transform your dreadlocks to the way you want it.  Client after hair transformation was very satisfied having his dreadlocks relocated and filling in bald areas client as now able to style or wear down without a hat or durag.  Client now files in every 6 weeks for maintenance with Braids By Bee™.  

Find out more by getting a
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HAIR TRANSFORMATION WITH LOC BRIDGE INSTALLED IN MIDDLE AFTER RESTORING HIS LOCS.  WE CUT 10-12" TO RELOCATE TO TOP OF CROWN AND BRIDGE.  These custom made Hair units are made by Braids by Bee while you sit in salon chair.  A consultation is needed prior to booking so you can choose the option you want after Bee reviews your situation there are several options to choose from. 


can be done via text, email, FaceTime, in person or WhatsApp 

An Idea is Born

An idea was born from helping clients like this here.  InstantlLoc Dread Extensions was invented by Benite Corion a hair braider that goes by Braids By Bee™ that is a problem solver been doing repairs on Clients who has grown there dreadlocks for years and needs a miracle worker.  Someone who can resold the issue at hand.  This client had skin surgery and some his Locs was removed in the process.  He wanted a solution, and Bee had some options. 

Options offered to client

When Clients first reach out to Bee its because they see hope, they see that there is someone out there with some innovative ideas to repair certain issues at hand.  Bee offers consultations which can be in form of email, text, in person, FaceTime, however client can be accommodated.  Bee takes the time to evaluate each individual due to each person having different issues.  To take this time this is called consulting to determine and go over photos to see what can be done is challenging sometimes however Bee has done enough clients to have an idea of what can be done. 

Once Bee gives you Options its time to Book 

Options offered to clients are always gonna sound unconventional, and that is  because what Bee offers is rare.  Braids by Bee is self made and has innovative ideas to enhance your Look today instead of waiting for miracles to happen Bee makes them happen even sooner.  Bee has created Services such as Reinforcements of Natural thin dreads, Reattachments of Natural Locs, Reconstruct thin dreads, Relocate Dreads to much needed areas, coverage for baldness that are custom made according to the persons issues.  

The Results 

The results amazes each client that visits Bee.  The solution and the remedies that are initialized on your first visit has never been done before.  Once it is done, you will never want to experience anything else But Bee's gifted hands on Your Dreadlocks.  

What Next

Well unfortunately this resolves the issues for now but this new technique and repairs that was done will need to be consistent.  It doesn't end there.  Once repairs are done your hair does not stop growing.  It continues to grow as normal as 1-3" each month.  When this new growth comes in it will need to be reinforced which Bee will explain why this is necessary.  Your regular maintenance is now no longer in existence because during your maintenance of getting them reinforced when you come back 6-8 weeks later as instructed.  Bee will wash, retwist roots and reinforce new growth and have you brand new.  The Key to this technique is for you to have no breakage, you tend to  Lose less Locs and now learn to appreciate and see the growth and your true length. 

Brother locks started with instantLoc Dread Extensions permanently done at
Braids by Bee™ 

men clients can now skip the ugly stages and get dreadlocks permanently today with Braids By Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions.
men clients can now skip the ugly stages and get dreadlocks permanently today with Braids By Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions.
men clients can now skip the ugly stages and get dreadlocks permanently today with Braids By Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions.
men clients can now skip the ugly stages and get dreadlocks permanently today with Braids By Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions.
men clients can now skip the ugly stages and get dreadlocks permanently today with Braids By Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions.

InstantLoc Dreadlock Extensions Hair Units custom made at
Braids by Bee™ 


Cover Bald Spot with Braids or Dreads

Instantly repair balding areas with dreads.

Cover Bald areas with Bee's InstantLoc Dread Extensions™

This is clients real Locs she has grown for over 20 years.  However she had thinning out issues in middle her hair fell out.  She needed a bridge added and middle filled in.  

bald areas are covered with Braids by Bee custom bridges of instantLoc Dreads.

Cover Bald areas with Bee's Creative custom made cover up Hair Units called LocBridge

This is Client real Locs she has grown over 20 years.  Her locs was started as sisterlocs and is very thin Locs however she had issues of thin locs in middle and accumulated a bald area that soon needed my expertise at Braids By Bee™.

InstantLoc Dreads created to cover balding areas and repair her natural locs to brand new.

Repair your Natural Locs and cover bald area with Bee's recommendations

This is Client real Locs she had thinning issues and hair fell out in middle and front area of hair line.  She wanted Bee's expertise on what can be done to cover area and keep up as well as treat this area for regrowth.