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Important Notice to our Clients
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 

Update at Braids By Bee

      Due to this pandemic we are suffering at this time we are all around the world in the situation.  We are all in tune with the CDC and News Suggestions in staying safe.  
     We have never been so happy to be in private suites.  Our location is OPEN and is only by
 Prepaid Appointments Only.  Our location is sanitized and cleaned daily with suggested products to disinfect areas before and after use.  We have ask anyone who was ask to self quarantine or have symptoms to cancel there appointments and reschedule.  

     We have waived all cancellation fees and allow clients to reschedule only no refunds but no extra charges of fees unless you need more services then originally paid for however we are allowing clients to reschedule to a later time. No late fees will be charged or cancellations, you will be rescheduled
no refunds. We are also open for clients who book ahead of time and our appointments are One on ONE / with Assistant  no extras visitors are allowed at this time.  We ask all clients to not bring extra guest to respect the social space that is asked by the CDC.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact
 Bee via text or email
(954) 297-5466 or BraidsbyBee@aol.Com for booking and scheduling. For the same reason Bee is not double booking allowing social space for each client.  Financial hardship is upon us all, invoices will be submitted when appointment is booked to confirm your seat.  In the effort to keep our doors open we ask that you pay in advance. If a payment plan is needed to be broken down before appointment to ensure you space just ask.  A payment plan is set up until all is paid then you will be able to come in and get services.    Although this was Bee's policy already we are not making no exceptions at this time.     This time is hard for us all and I ask that we all try and work together to make better outcomes for this devastating time we are in now.  

We also have a list of clients that pre-paid when the pandemic was going on and had to be rescheduled these clients get first priority to book appointments for times available.  Please if you fall in this criteria get in touch with me to book your dates now.  I am open to those specifically flying in for services will work all days no days off till all clients services are rendered.  This may cause those who are normally scheduled monthly may have to come earlier or later on some days but willing to work with everyone.  Please reach out for availability schedule is getting full from Now.  
This notice was updated on July 5, 2020.  
As of now there are no travel plans for 
Braids by Bee™ 
all appointments will be served at Salon located in Florida 
4600 N. University Drive 
Suite 405
Lauderhill, FL 33351
** Due to many clients who are long distance missed out on there last visits due to cancel flights and  issues with getting a flight due to Covid19.   When you are ready to come in for services will be passed the time your supposed to come in for regular maintenance the cost will be additional for the time periods missed.  I apologize for any inconvenience but the longer it takes to do maintanance is the more work and hair you will need to complete your maintenance services.