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Starting your journey is different and unique for everyone

An Idea is Born

So, You wake up today and decide to start your Dreadlock Journey but this idea was brewing in your mind for months maybe even years.  You decide to start doing your research and your very particular as you should be.  Your Hair is you crown you wear daily and starting dreadlocks is a permanent journey which takes commitment.  To also keep them looking nice and well kept and growing there is quite an expense and time and patience required from each participant.  Bee understands everyone has a different vision on how they would like to start there journey and  understand that you have a pre-notion of how you want to start your Dreads.  

Reason For Consultation 

Its not that simple, hold on you have just come to the Expert Bee has been growing dreadlocks for over 30 years with many different textures of hair.  Bee has not turned down anyone however has learned through the years of experience that there are many different techniques of starting dreads even creating her own trademark services only rendered by Bee and Staff.  Bee has invented InstantLoc Dread Extensions which is a new technique to start Locs instantly for any texture hair.  But to get started you need a consultation because everyone hair status is different.  

Consultations can be done via Email, Text, FaceTime, Or in Person 

Before Bee can answer your questions and take time to cater to your needs and  review photos or videos sent to me this takes time to review and time to reply. It takes teamwork with both client and Bee reviewing brief descriptions of what your issues are and how you want to proceed.   Bee will send out an invoice fee of $150 will be accessed and once paid consultation will continue.    For those that questions my abilities to assist, please review photos, reviews and testimonies.  Bee is a Master Loctician and an expert in repairing Natural dreadlocks or starting Journeys those that wants a beautiful crown will invest in expert advice.  

During Consult 

Yes absolutely you can ask questions at time of your consult, in matter of fact prepare what you want to ask.  You have a 30 minute slot of Bee's time and Bee will document this conversation in form of an appointment notifications sent to you via email.  Many occasions clients have in mind what they want already but don't know exactly of Bee's capabilities.  I explain what will be done and give options on how to make your Locs look the best way they possibly can look.