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Dreadlock Doctor repairs dreadlock by giving hair transformation fo clients wanting to restore there dreadlocks.
Dreads repaired by Braids By Bee after dreadlock transplant recreated her look.
Braids by Bee does Hair Transformations for clients that needs repairs with damages on natural dreadlocks or who wants to start sisterlocs and has too thin hair

I would like to now introduce to what one of my clients after many years of calling my Technique InstantLocs Dread Extensions™ she help me brand another service which I was already doing but didn't know how to quite Name it.  My client being a professor in History informed me that what I was doing was a Hair transplant taking from one location to fill in on her head in other areas that was. mostly needed.  Because of the failure of her front areas being able to withhold wear and tear her front areas of hair line was short and broken off.  I suggested for her to get a consultation which she did.  She was so excited at the type of services I offered.  She was confident and sold within seconds of telling her what I can do. My client informed me that this was sorcery to good to be true.  I took that as a compliment and laughed it off.  She booked her appointment right away. Coincendetally she was gonna be in Atlanta, Ga the same time I was due to be there and taking clients.  I had the availability for her.  She flew from Boston, MA, and I flew from Fl.  We met for the first time.  And she trusted me to perform what we call was surgery with no Anesthesia given or necessary.   Most dread clients get nervous around scissors but she was confident cause she knew what I said I can do I was gonna do.  I share her story in particular because she gave me a new name for this type of service which was a "Hair Transplant" in my case "Dreadlock Transplant".  I also share my story about her because she was not shy about coming to me, even posing for a few before pictures and after.  Which I deeply appreciate.  Due to sensitivity of hair loss many clients tend to be embarrass but she embrace my idea she said she would give this a try before she took a big chance in shaving it all off.  And I love that she was open to trying to what is new to many.  My expertise is different, unconventional and so far proven to work for so many.  I have suggestions like no other to save your Locs or to transform, makeover and repair.  Even starting my own brand of Instantloc Dread Extensions which if one doesn't have Locs at all I can give them the InstantLook and it would be permanent.  

My client been growing her Locs for I believe she said 14 years and had about 20" of length down to back.  Not all even but a full amount of Dreadlocks.  I originally offered her two options which was to repair top portion with filling in with my instant locs and keeping her length and repairing the current ones she has and fill in areas with extensions for areas she didn't have hair.  However she wanted a new look.  She showed me a picture of how she imagine her hair to look.  I told her ok Option number 2.  We can cut 4-6" of her natural Locs to give her the Bob Look.  However anyone who knows me knows I don't like to cut hair I'm a grower not a cutter.  So I hesitate once someone tells me they wanna cut.  However in this case she was gonna be able to use her own hair to replace the missing areas on top that so needed this transformation.  She was astounded by the suggestions and she wanted to discuss with husband  first.  I heard from her in less then 24hrs going with suggestion #2 which I too was excited for this job.  I wanted to show her how great her Locs can look and that I can accomplish the look she wanted however I did talk her into a longer length.  Below I will show photos of outcome.  Please keep in mind this visit was an out of state visit.  My Salon is located in Florida however When traveling to major Cities it is advertised.  At this time I was in Georgia. The outcome was amazing, client was fully satisfied.  And videos photos will reflect this transformation we made happen within 6 hrs of labor between BraidsbyBee and assistant Sariah.  

Braids by Bee makes custom hair units with dreadlocks to cover bald areas.


Braids By Bee starts dreadlocks with any type hair texture with InstantLoc Dread Extensions methods giving you a complete Hair Transformation.