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BraidsbyBee is now teaching current stylist in todays market how to install Instantloc Dread Extensions™ and do repairs with the InstantLoc Dread Extensions Technique taught only by 
Bee @ Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.  

As of Dec. 2015, Bee officially is the Originator and Trademark My own brand, and Own technique is now available to be shared cause Now I have obtained a License that officiates my brand.  My technique and style of Dread Extensions is called InstantLoc Dread Extensions and its a brand.  Braids by Bee has been advertising Dread Extensions for over 15 years today and notice now that many are imitating the brand.  The style of Dread Extensions I do is different from all the rest and many till today want to know Bee's secret.  Bee Dread Extensions are different due to the quality and the way I install my Locs.  I created a name for my type of Dread Extensions which is not Faux Locs because if it was that would mean they are Fake Dreads cause that is the definition of FauxLocs.  Well my DreadLocks are Real Locs once done they are permanent,  they are never removed and not done with Fake or what we call synthetic hair.  Bee uses her own brand hair and uses her own technique.  A brand that no one else can market or infringe on this style, which means if those do, its an imitation of our work if someone offers this without going thru our class.  The only persons/Stylist that will be allowed to Install InstantLoc Dread Extensions and advertise our set prices and order our hair is if you are certified to Install this type of Extensions.  Benite Corion is doing business as Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot and has trademarked the name of business as well as the techniques used was patent.  License to use this technique will be given after full course is taken and will be listed as a provider on our website. 

Benite Corion started naming herself "Braids by Bee" and "Dreads by Bee" for over 20 years advertising worldwide and the care of Natural Dreadlocks.  At the age of 16 Bee was asked by her boyfriend can you please start dreads on my hair.  His hair was easy to start dreads I started his hair with the comb twist method very common method.  Through out the years My cousin watch me maintain his dreadlocks and wanted the same look. My cousin Auddy saw my work and also wanted Dreadlocks.  Now my background is was born in New York, However my parents are Haitian.  Being that I started doing hair at an early age, I started from home like most who explore there skills do.  I had so much complications with my cousin's hair compared to my boyfriend hair who easily locked up within a couple of months.  My Cousin has soft curly hair sort of like hispanic type hair.  Well we tried all the methods there was out there to try.  We bought aloe plants, we used wax, we combed twisted, we back combed we tried every single method and failed.  This means we attempted to start Natural Dreadlocks on his texture hair and failed many times before getting it correct.  My mom didn't support what I did and thought that I had too much patience and didn't appreciate my art.  She often criticized that instead of me convincing the men to get a hair cut I convince them to grow it and she would shake her head in disgust.  However my many attempts to try and get it right didn't end there I continue to try different methods.  This was very interesting to me cause I wanted so badly to give my cousin the Dreads he wanted so badly for years.  Out of frustration he cut off his Locks that was not grooming or dreading up as neat as we wanted three times before getting it right.  Now after a few months years later I thought of starting the Locs normally like we would but this time using thread and needle to wrap string around his locks from top to bottom so it can stay neat till it locks up.  This method worked.  And it finally had his Locks the way he wanted them neat, separated, and barrel size dreads without any messy look.  However for years as the dreads continue to grow out I had one problem.  The string would show and we would have to continue to cut them out as we saw them during maintenance.  Now this was about 20 years ago.  Today My cousin still has his dreads and yes My Ex boyfriend does too but he lives in Virginia now and I am married to the Love of my life.  However my cousin Auddy who still has his Very Long dreads 16 years later.  We discovered normal Locs go through wear and tear and sometimes need repairs.  And from my experience with My cousin and his Locs He loves his hair and would have a fit if he lost any of his Locs.  Thoughout the years of caring for his hair I discovered that many go thru the same issues and needed repairs on there dreads.  And many need rienforcement of there roots done because after years your Locs become heavy and carries a lot of weight.  This pulls your hair from the roots and if you don't get repairs or reinforcements done then they will break off.  Many clients never heard of this method until they come to Braids by Bee.  With learning this new method you will be able to offer your dread clients a new technique that is needed for all Dreadlock clients. Today I have my cousin Auddy featured in many magazine issues and is advertised all over my social media pages.  HIs dreads are long pass his waist and healthy.  I at Braids by Bee have learned many different ways to help out clients who have natural dreads and wants to start dreadlocks with complicated hair.  Bee creation of InstantLoc Dread Extensions, this new method is the newest and fastest way to start Locs for someone with straight hair or any texture hair as long as you want them instantly and not go thru any ugly stages or rough stages. This method has become so common now, that it is used on any texture hair and for those who don't want to wait to go thru process of starting dreads the Natural way.  This avoids and skip all the ugly stages and InstantLoc Dread Extensions once installed can be washed right away.  For those who can't wait for there hair to Mature naturally sometimes its because hair itches and they wash it too soon and when dreads are not matured yet it can't be washed.  Well InstantLoc Dread Extensions you won't have this problem you can wash your hair same day if you wanted to and any time you feel that it needs a wash.  You will have sort of matured Locs when you client leave after install.  I share my story to let you know the history of how I became to own my brand and how it was discovered.  My techniques are taught as well as my protocols will be taught in this class and you will be able to share your own story sooner or later.  Look forward to building partnerships in the industry and spread the Word of this new technique.  


Before & After 

Started His Dreadlocks with InstantLoc Dread Extensions this Picture is 3 years Later of Growth with this method. 

Before & After 

Reinforcment InstantLoc Dread Extensions used to do roots and extend Ends to make all dreads Even. 

Before & After 

Reattach Natural Dreadlocks 

with InstantLocs Dread Extensions Technique combined. 


Before & After 

Starting DreadLock Journey with

 InstantLoc Dread Extensions 

Technique by 

Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc.