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Dreadlock Repairs      instantloc Dread Extensions    Braids  

* Braids * Dreads * Twist * Natural Hair *  

List of Services Offered At Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. 

*  Design Corn Row Braids 
*  Box Braids with Extensions
*  Micro Braids with human hair 
*  Micro Braids with Synthetic hair
*  Poetic Justice Box Braids 
*  Senegalese Rope Twist 
*  Rope Twist with Marley Hair 
*  Micro Rope Twist 
*  Invisible Corn Row Braids 
*  Tree Braids with Human Hair 
* Crochet Braids / Weave
* Dreadlock Maintenance
* Interlock Dreads 
*  Start Dreads Natural
* Start Dreads with Extensions 
*  Instant Dreadlock Extensions 
*  Sisterloc Extensions
*  Fix Dreads 
*  Removal of Braids service
*  Wash and Blow out 
*  Kids Braids 
*  Genie locs 
*  Kids Box Braids 
*  Sewn in Weaves 
*  Sew in a few tracks 
*  Invisible Micro Braids 
*  Extra Long Medium Box Braids 
*  Jumbo Rope Twist 
*  Havana Kinky Twist 
*  Havana Crochet Twist 
*  Jumbo Box Braids 
*  Men Design Braids 
*  Freestyle Braids 
*  Fishbone Braids 
*  Mohawk Braids 
*  Natural Hairstyles
*  Men Hairstyles 
*  Woman Hairstyles 
*  Customized Braids 
* Wet & Wavy Human Hair Braids 
* Start Dreads backcombing
* Start Dreads with Crochet Needle (interlocking)
* Create Bridge for balding areas (Dreads cover) 
*  Wrap Dreads to reinforce roots 
* Extend Dreads to make longer 
* Color Dreads (lint removal) 
*  Reposition your dreads 
*  Make dreads thicker by Wrapping 
*  Crochet 
*  InstantLoc Dread Extensions 
*  InstantLoc Dread Repairs 
*  InstantLocs
*  Faux Locs (Ours is permanent) 

Booking Online is very simple, a Deposit is required and can be paid online on the Deposit tab on this site.  This site will bring you to a secured payment site to collect deposits in the amount of $50 for any Braids, Rope Twist, Or Micro Braids appointments are required to confirm your appointment.  This Deposit goes towards your balance that you will owe on day of services and will be deducted from total amount. 

** Dread Extensions Clients Deposit for Dreads is the amount needed to purchase hair to do dread installation.  You will be instructed by Bee what the amount needed to be paid before your appointment.  Balance is paid on day of service.  These deposits are non-refundable and cannot be credited for future service.  

**If you call in your appointment to come in to our Hair Salon you can call, text, or email your request for an appointment.  Clients will  have to go on website to make a deposit payment or come in person, or call in your credit card via phone.  All Payment methods used by Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. is secured payment methods that has been set in place to convenient my clients. 

Deposits is $50 and goes towards your balance for services on the day you booked your appointment.  If you miss this appointment your deposit will be void and another deposit will be required to book another appointment.  The purpose of doing this is to ensure we are available at the time your requested our time.  If you cannot make it for any reason we are at lost of a few hours of work.  In some cases hair has to be purchased before confirming appointment for dread installation hair can be be paid for by phone or in person during consultation.  An initial consultation cost is 

$ 150.00 this can be done in person or if long distance via text, or email and even FaceTime.  Will answer your questions on how repairs ca=n be done, quote and give options and recommendations on what Bee can do for you. 

http://www.hairextensionsbybee.com/ or 


Make your appointment using any of the following: via telephone, text, email, and online.

 Appointments should be scheduled in advance and no walk-ins please.   We respect your time; however, please allow about 30-45 minute wait in case we are finishing up with the last client. We work fast and give you express service whether you ask for it or not that is our motto. 

All appointments are confirmed once deposits are made.

Deposits are required on all MICRO BRAIDS, ROPE TWIST OR DREAD EXT. All appointments are confirmed with an email confirmation.  Even if you book online yourself there will be another email sent to you for request of Deposit. Once paid it confirm your appointment those who wait for last minute to pay deposit your appt will not be confirmed and if time slot is still available will be a $15 late fee charge for last minute booking and time slot may change but will be same day service requested.  

We Specialize in Dreads if you are starting Dreads from Scratch we offer several options however the most popular method these days is to do it he instant way.  Bee calls her locs Instant Locs or Dread Extensions click on the link below to bring you to our website that caters to Dread Extensions and Fix's of Natural Dread situations we have come across.  We are professional locticians who not only love what we do but is passionate like Doctors to fix your problems that makes you feel insecure about your hair.  We not only fix broken dreads we reconstruct them, we reposition them, we save them, and we reinforce them.  With our methods we complete surgery with options available to us today.  Coming to Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot will change your life.  You will learn to love your hair again, you will not want to cut them off or start over.  You will want to now keep them up because you found just the right person to have them look the way you truly want them to look.  Fixing Dreads and finding solutions to fix those problems is a Gift.  Bee believes in what she does and feels good about encouraging clients to keep growing there hair and starting there Natural hair journey.  Been doing Dreads for over 20 years after seeing the need of so much Dread heads out there that needs help it fulfill my purpose in life knowing that we all have a gift and is needed.  It feels good to make someone else feel good about them selves again.  It feels good to love what you do and allow someone to have faith in your methods and continue to come to you for years to come.  I am hoping my techniques are learned nationwide and enjoy teaching. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Braids by Bee can braid exclusive designs when challenge to do so, in matter of fact Bee loves to do these styles that no one else has but you.  Explore in the Braid world anything is possible.  Send me pictures of what you want done send via text and ask if This can be done.  Bee will respond with price and type of hair needed.