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SisterLocks Size InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Permanent solutions at Braids By Bee™ Let us start your Dreadlock  journey today.  Stop procrastinating and book your appointment today.  Stop thinking about it and just do it.  You did your research and you are now ready to commit and you just found your Hair stylist who will be your Loctician for life. Many people go through the struggle of committing to one hair style.  However having Locs first start with a commitment.  Let Bee lock you in and watch the beauties of being natural just grow.  

Many clients attempt to get traditional Sisterlocks done the natural way, and if that's the case and your hair is healthy yes it can be done.  However Bee specialize in starting dreadlocks in Sisterlocks sizes and normal size dreadlock sizes with the invention of Instantloc Dread Extensions which can be done on any texture hair and done in any size to imitate the look your going for.  Sisterlocks is a hairstyle that is known by many that is starting with a crochet needle and normally done on natural hair to start your locking process and journey which is permanently done once done.  It also takes time for it to mature and loc up traditionally.  However this options is for many who has hair issues such as thin hair or balding areas and need some add on help.  This option is for those who have been turned down to get the traditional Sisterlocks with there own natural hair because it was not the right texture or not thick enough or simply had no hair to work with.  Well Bee finds solutions and doesn't turn any one away. If you want Sisterlocks Bee creates that look or you with her InstantLoc Dread Extensions method which is a technique only used by Braids By Bee.  Bee is certified and have been Starting and Repairing Dreadlocks since 12 years old and is now 42 years old.  This is 30 years of experience.  If it cannot be done the way you want it naturally Bee will enhance it or add on to make it happen.  And its simple as that.  Bee makes it happen today and doesn't have you waiting for that Look you want Today. 

Braids by Bee is known to start dreadlocks with extensions for many clients from all around the world.

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey And this is how the Story of Our Sisterlocs Size InstantLoc Dread Extensions Started. 

A client of mine wanted to start Sisterlocs and she had a challenging issue.  We all know your hair is suppose to be fully Natural, no chemicals, no perm and a certain type of texture is what is known.  But this client of mine had permed long hair and didn't want to cut her hair off.  

Our First Set of Sisterloc InstantLoc Dread Extensions

The first time I didn't realize how much work and how long it would take.  This style took 3 days to accomplish.  She Love the outcome after and wanted it so bad that was willing to take 3 days off to make this happen.  Today I take one day to accomplish this look with my Assistant my Mini Me, my daughter Sariah has been trained and been doing it with me for the past 3 years.  

SisterLocs InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ was born and invented by Bee™ 

Once done, as it grows out you will need to continue maintenance and get roots done.  As your hair grows you have choice to start palm rolling or interlocking roots. Or most common clients get the rienforment technique done because they realize there hair will always grow out too thin.  Years later I am still accommodating those who started there journey with this technique.  Some clients hair grows in strong enough to continue palm roll twist at roots or the interlocking method with crochet needle thereafter installed.  And some whose hair was originally thin when started continue to need there new growth roots to be reinforced with the same technique Locs was started which is the InstantLoc technique.  Adding hair to roots to fill in areas the new growth came in reinforcing new growth within 4-6 weeks recommended.  

Natural Dreads can be started with Braids By Bee™  
InstantLoc Dread Extensions™
Method on this page you will see Sisterlocs which are small micro size Locs that was started with my Instantlocs technique. IntstantLoc Dread Extensions™ although you have long hair is the fastest way to start your journey with no stages of waiting for it to Loc up.  
Using add on hair enhances the instant method of creating your Locs which allows you to wash hair any time, have the look you want right away, and correct any areas of thin hair that may not come out the same width if theres no hair there or thin hair strands will not allow you to have fullness you want.  InstantLocs Dread Extensions solves all these problems.  Braids By Bee is a known trendsetter and has been doing Natural hair for over 30 years.   Braids By Bee invented InstantLoc Dread Extensions™  also invented her own technique and protocol of repairing natural dreadlocks using her InstantLocs technique.  

SisterLoc InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ 

hairstyles by braids by bee with natural dreads repaired with InstantLocs

Instantly start your Journey with Bee's InstantLoc Dread Extensions that can be done In Sisterlocs Size Micro size Dreadlocks with the help of the technique Braids by Bee™ invented.  

Start Your Loc Journey Today

Start your Loc Journey with InstantLocs™

An Idea is Born

Benite Corion aka as Braids By Bee™ has been doing Braids and Dreadlocks for over 30 years.  The Idea of Dread Extensions was created from helping those with natural dreads repair there issues that they were  naturally having.  This technique has been done by Braids by Bee for over 20 years now and is Named InstantLoc Dread Extensions.  You can find out more on www.dreadextensionsbybee.com

My First Client that I experimented on 

My idea came from helping my cousin who had natural curly hair and tried to Loc up his hair 3 times before finally getting it right.  He as who I experimented on trying different techniques of Locking up and trust me we tried many.  What initially had his Loc to finally mature properly is after creating Locs I then took string and wrapped his hair from top to bottom undetectable.  This formed the Loc to stay in place till it became official.  

A Loctician Was Born

They say once you have over 15,000 hours of a craft you are considered an expert at your craft.  Considering all my trials and errors I have encountered all types of dreads that needed repairs through out the years.  Also needing dreads from scratch to replace what is missing.  This gave me the awesome idea of starting dreadlocks on a whole head who never had dreads with my technique.  Which I call InstantLoc Dread Extensions.  Reason for the name is because through out the years initiation styles like Faux Locs have appeared and there is a big difference between the two.  Faux Locs is a term for synthetic Locs and Instant Locs is a term for Human Hair Dread Extensions. 

The Ones who grasp my idea first

I had a knack for starting Dreads on the most complicated hair which is Caucasian hair.  The challenge was there hair was too straight to start dreads naturally like so many.  My technique worked great for there hair.  I have Chinese, Arab, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Domincan, Venezuelan, Haitian, Japanese, Caucasian, Haitian, African all types of clients this technique works great on and give you the instant gratification of not waiting to have the look you want today.  
Braids By Bee starts dreadlocks with any type hair texture with InstantLoc Dread Extensions methods giving you a complete Hair Transformation.
Dreadlocks installed by Braids By Bee in one day with her techniques of InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Before and after a Hair Transformation / Hair Transplant 
Her natural dreadlocks that was thin and long but she needed hair coverage in front to replace or add to her short edges and fill in balding areas in front.  Client did consultation, and traveled to me to GA for her first visit.  Her Hair Transformation was amazing and a great outcome.  Client is very satisfied.  Picture on your right is 1 year later after transformation. Picture on Left is a consultation result photo.  Clients come in every 4-6 weeks for maintenance to keep them growing. 

men clients can now skip the ugly stages and get dreadlocks permanently today with Braids By Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions.
Dreadlocks installed by Braids By Bee in one day with her techniques of InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Click on tab to book your initial consultation today this will take you directly to link to pay for consultation only.  To book an appointment for services please go to Book Appointment Tab.  To book a consultation its easy just click on link to book an appointment to your left on this page and Bee will contact you for further information to start the process.  A Digital form will be sent to you to answer some questions, and photos is needed to review each case. 

A hair Transplant means when I take One dreadlock from another location on your head and relocate it to areas that are more needed.  Hair Transformation is sort of a makeover to fix what needs repairing and transforming you to the look you want to have. 
This client in particular known to have natural Long Thin Dreads But would like to transition into having a fuller look Which was done for this particular client here.  She also had damages from color, sun damage and hair loss issues on top crown area.    She had no hair on top crown and edges was severely damaged however she had long natural dreadlocks healthy ones in the back.  She wanted to cut it and make it into a Bob style.  Bee suggested during her consultation was to cut her hair about 8-9" shorter and use those ends to relocate to the top area where it was mostly needed.  If she had 80 dreadlocks before she now had 160 dreadlocks due to fact all her ends were relocated to the top area now creating a Sisterlocks style size Dreads.  I transition her journey from normal size Locs to Micro size Dreadlocks.  She was very happy with her makeover and had a much fuller look now and Loc was repaired and hair was resection.  Client now comes in once every 6 weeks to get her Locs Maintained with my InstantLoc Dread Extensions method which at this point I am only reinforcing her new growth that comes in and reattach any that may have fell out in fragile edges that she was aware she already had.   Client comes every 6 weeks religiously no matter where Bee is at, so far she has seen Bee in Georgia, NY and in Florida for her maintenance.  Bee makes all clients aware that once you start this journey you have to keep it up and promises to keep hair growing if you do your maintenance.   It will be posted when Bee is traveling and one can easily book online with her system set up to be convenient to all clients from around the world.  

Many clients have a lot of hair grown out naturally and don't know what to do with it at this point.  You are pass the afro stage, you have tried the coloring, you tried some braids but now its too long.  What do you do with them? Well many are now transitioning by starting Loc Journeys.  There are many options to choose from with different techniques in starting dreadlocks.  However Bee's technique has bypass all the stages and mishaps that happens when you grow it out naturally.  Bee invented InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ human hair added to yours to wrap your own hair to create dreadlocks instantly.  What happens when you go thru natural stages, some people give up cause they don't like the ugly stages.  Some people give up because there hair doesn't look the way the want it to look and due to technique used hair looks much shorter.  Well we can skip all those issues with Bee's Technique done to permanently start Dreadlock Journeys.  Bee is also a salon owner whos brand is copyright trademarked with USPTO also Certified.  Professional an an Expert in her craft since 1989.

Braids by Bee starts dreadlocks

My 10 year old client here natural hair was out of control. Her mom wanted to invest in Sisterloc Dread Extensions for her daughter to make her happy.  She was extremely a different person after her hair was done.  This picture to the right is her 3 months later.  Her hair has grown and she continues her journey of growing out her natural hair in style.   

Braids By Bee does Loc Extensions permanent

When client came back for upkeep of her InstantLoc  Sisterloc Extensions and we washed it and palm roll her roots and styled it.  She continues her journey with growing out her natural roots an we palm roll her roots after a full wash.  Dries in 45 minutes and she was on her way. Starting Natural Dreads is done everyday at Braids By Bee.

The fastest way for you to start natural dreads is with Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc. technique of installing InstantLoc Dread Extensions to your own hair which will become permanent dreads that you continue to retwist roots as it grows out. 

Sisterloc Natural Dreads started with Braids by Bee technique of InstantLoc Dread Extensions this is 1 year later of growth. 

Braids by Bee offers consultations to discuss your options on how she can repair your dreadlocks situation or to start your dreadlock journey from scratch.

SisterLocks are small micro size locs however these are InstantLoc Dread Extensions done in the smallest size possible on natural hair.  These will start your journey for small thin parted size dreads.  For those who wants dreads now and don't want to wait for the stages of what it takes to start Locs Naturally. Bee creates Instantlocs on your head with what you have now by adding strands of Human hair to yours wrapping around your own hair to create Instant Dreadlocks.  These Dreadlocks continue to grow and we simply palm roll or interlock roots as needed.

Braids by Bee known as Best salon in South Florida to do Dreadlocks or Braids
InstantLoc Dread Extensions official logo as trademarked services

She wanted to start natural dreads in Sisterloc Size however didn't want to go thru and rough stages and didn't want to bleach her hair to accomplish this look.  With Braids by Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ method it was done in one day, this was the day it was installed. 

Braids by Bee says it time to find something to do with all that new growth
Sisterlocks micro locs are repaired with reinformcent methods by Braids By Bee
Sisterlocks repaired by braids by bee with instantloc dread extensions methods

Consultations can be done via text or email or in person your choice.

Braids by Bee repairs small micro dreadlocks over 800 dreads repaired from roots to bottom.
Consult today with Braids by Bee to start the dreadlocks you want installed today.